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How Extended Stay Programs Can Help Decrease Chance of Relapse

How Extended Stay Programs Can Help Decrease Chance of Relapse

How Extended Stay Programs Can Help Decrease Chance of Relapse

Are you making a recovery from drug addiction? Do you struggle with the temptation to lapse back into drinking or drug usage? Relapse is something that all former alcoholics and drug users face. You might not think that it could happen to you, but everyone faces the threat of falling back into the drug lifestyle. So how do you deal with what might happen with relapse? The answer is an extended stay program. By tailoring your stay to your needs, a long term stay program can help protect you against the danger of relapse so that you can overcome your addiction and keep going with your healthy new life in recovery. Click here to learn more about how you can enter a long term stay program without having to deal with the costs of your travel arrangements. 

What if I’ve Been Through Rehab?How Extended Stay Programs Can Help Decrease Chance of Relapse

Are you one of the many people who are struggling, even with rehab and drug treatments? Many people have tried rehab and haven’t had much success. They end up in a cycle of short-term sobriety, with rehab visit after rehab visit, only to end up relapsing. Even being clean for a long time might not necessarily mean that you won’t relapse. Click here to learn about Philip Seymour Hoffman and his recent relapse that lead to his death by overdose. But did you know that long term rehab programs can help you a lot with your temptation to relapse? It’s true—studies have shown that extended stay programs reduce the risk of relapse significantly. People who have been through extended stay programs are 73% less likely to relapse.

How Do I Keep Up My Progress?

No doctor would ever discharge a diabetes patient without setting up a long-term care plan. And diabetes has very similar relapse rates to drug addiction. So why would a rehab center discharge you without setting up a long-term plan? You should get the support you need as you keep going in your recovery journey—from therapy in rehab to continuing extended care, aftercare planning, relapse prevention, to a healthy ongoing recovery plan with local support in your own community, you can set yourself up to succeed, and we will help you do just that.

How Do I Get Help with Addiction?

Are you struggling with drug abuse? Are you tempted every day to relapse and fall back into a drug-using lifestyle? Drug addiction is not something you have to fight alone. Extended stay programs can help you keep up your progress. And where better to do it than a tropical paradise? At Serenity Vista, we can help you through your recovery with a long term stay—and we’ll even buy your plane ticket! Click here to learn more about long term stays.

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