Painless Medical Assisted Detox: Athens & Mykonos Facility

Painless Medical Assisted Detox

Giving up an addiction is not an easy task. Many try to stop on their own but fail due to physical withdrawal symptoms. This pain associated with your addiction is caused by the physical & mental disorders your body has physically become dependent on. The Poseidon Method uses the latest and advanced medical treatment to ensure your detox will be comfortable during each detox phase.

First Phase

The first phase of our protocol is what we call the “Stabilization Period.” When you first arrive we, in most cases, are able to meet or slightly exceed your initial “habit” with our medication, which you receive every four hours in reducing doses. During these first days with us patients feel the same level of comfort as if you were totally satisfied by your drug of choice, yet with us you are in a safe environment. Your habit will be slowly minimized in gentle reductions. You will have a very pleasant feeling due to the fact that you will have an improved appetite and will be in a soothing ambience with caring people.

Second Phase

After several days you will enter what we call the “Reduction Phase.” During this phase you feel increased comfort. Your ability to sleep will improve, your appetite for food will grow, and you will be more social and animated, participating in discussions about starting a new and improved life. At the Poseidon Method, there will be no annoying rules to put a damper on the positivity that is inherent in the prospect of becoming clean. You will still be comfortably medicated but as the days go by, your dose will be going down. In this phase, many of our patients enjoy the option of calling for a massage to help with tension and stress relief. They also reward themselves with our in-house hydrotherapy pool to help with their relaxation.

Third Phase

Toward the end of your medical detox at The Poseidon Method you will enter what we call the “Twilight Phase.” During this phase, we introduce a uniquely compounded “Booster” medication which will quickly smooth out the end stage withdrawal pains which addicts find sluggish and bothersome. The “Booster” is an energy producing medicine, which will make you feel remarkably better.

Your Detox at The Poseidon Method will have been a pleasant relief and as a staff we will be working with you to determine what actions must be taken to create your best chances of remaining clean. On a physical level, you will be taking hydrotherapy for any muscle soreness, and we will educate you on our amino acid post-acute withdrawal formula which we have found helps addicts jump start their endorphin production. You will receive the Booster all during the “Twilight Phase” and will feel a sense of energy from this skillfully prescribed medication. After our medical staff clears your detox phase you will be able to participate in our full Freedom Model program to ensure long term sobriety. Please keep in mind that our detox program is designed under close observation from our medical staff and takes place in our Athens villa prior to your transfer to Mykonos island.

Poseidon Mykonos Detox

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Mykonos Island Greece Residential Facility - "Poseidon's Palace"

The Poseidon Method Mykonos main residential property (Poseidon’s Palace) can accommodate up to 8 patients at a time and is staffed 24/7 by our treatment personnel. Poseidon’s Palace sits at the very top of Mykonos’s highest mountain and is well hidden from the winds due to its architectural layout. The property combines the charm and the elegance of the interiors with the magnificent panoramic sea view of the terrace.

The astonishing horizon captivates Mykonos briefly, while the swimming pools sun deck offers tranquility and relaxation. The traditional colors of blue Aegean island decor embrace each private bedroom and captivate their accompanying traditional Greek marble bathrooms. These are the essential elements of Poseidon’s Palace and play a crucial role in our recovery treatment methods.

To make your stay in Mykonos as comfortable as possible we provide all furnishings and essentials to give you the most comfortable “At Home” experience. The newly renovated kitchen allows our worldwide chef to prepare cuisines based around your dietary needs & requests while still serving base for our traditional Greek cooking courses.

Worldwide satellite TV, high speed Wifi, and daily laundry service make your treatment on Mykonos even more comfortable while staying in touch with the ones you love back at home. Poseidon’s Palace overlooks “Delos” island, the mythological birthplace of Apollo providing us with comfort and history that overpowers every moment in time. We welcome you to The Poseidon Method on Mykonos Island in Greece!

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The Poseidon Method: Suboxone Treatment

Suboxone Treatment

The Poseidon Method is Europe’s first luxury rehab providing a “Safe Taper” Suboxone detox program. The medicine contains two active substances, buprenorphine and naloxone. Suboxone is used to treat dependence on opioid (narcotic) drugs such as heroin or morphine in drug addicts who have agreed to be treated for their addiction. Replacing dangerous alternatives such as methadone and Subutex, Suboxone is a much safer alternative If used properly.

With years of experience in the field of Addiction Medicine, our program director and psychiatrist Dr. Martha strictly monitors your Suboxone protocol to provide the safest and pain free detoxification possible. A recent review and analysis of several studies by the Canadian Agency for Drugs and Technologies in Health regarding the clinical effectiveness of Suboxone V. Methadone found that: Suboxone was more effective for reducing the use of opioid drugs, but methadone was more effective for keeping users in their treatment program. The main goal is to make your withdrawal symptoms at a minimum to non-existent level during this phase yet finding alternatives to Suboxone may vary depending on the patient’s health prior to admission.

Note*** This program is limited to in-patient detox only and will not be prescribed for a period longer than 10 calendar days to avoid dependency.

The Revolution In Addiction Treatment: The Poseidon Method

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Cryotherapy Addiction Management Restoration

Cryotherapy Addiction Management Restoration

The Poseidon Method addiction treatment center is the only rehabilitation center worldwide that incorporates ancient Greek medicine with modern day medical technology to provide the most effective rehabilitation services possible. Cryotherapy treatment is provided after your detoxification or once the medical team approves you. Whole Body Cryotherapy is a process where you subject your body to extreme cold for a short period of time. During the process, your blood is enriched with oxygen, enzymes and nutrients while endorphins are released throughout your body. In the process, Whole Body Cryotherapy will help detoxify your body and boost your immune system. During your Cryotherapy sessions the usage of Ancient Greek aroma steam (Mastiha Oil) is released to intensify the cryotherapy benefits and basically “Freeze” your addiction in the past. Mastiha oil can only be found on the Greek Island of Chios and is mentioned throughout ancient Greek mythology due to its natural healing elements. In addition to Cryotherapy improving blood circulation, providing pain relief and assisting with weight loss its advancement in alternative addiction treatment methods is becoming the equivalent to acupuncture results.

Note** It is important to emphasize that cryotherapy should only be utilized after your medical detox phase and once our provider medically clears you. Cryotherapy is equivalent to mild to moderate exercise: the heart rate and blood pressure will increase slightly.

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Personalized Celebrity Addiction Treatment

VIP Treatment

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The Poseidon Method celebrity treatment program is an alternative treatment program for Celebrities, VIP clients and Public Personalities. This program is designed to assist struggling celebrities or other high-profile clientele through evidence-based treatments and gradually incorporate your program plan back into your hectic lifestyle. We cater to all VIP Rehabilitation services:

  • Medicine assisted detoxification
  • Private accommodation (Santorini or Mykonos)
  • Boutique intervention services
  • Complete confidentiality
  • VIP Celebrity Non-12 Step Program
  • Sober Companion – Staff Training
  • Mobile Treatment Team (Worldwide Requests)
  • Private aviation & security personnel
  • Legal Advisor Board – Arrests, Court, Marriage, etc.

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Equestrian Addiction Practice - Mykonos Island

Equestrian Addiction Practice

The Poseidon Method incorporates equine-assisted psychotherapy techniques during your treatment program as an alternate to traditional treatment facility techniques. Our Mykonos Island horse stables are located close to Fokos Beach giving each client the ability to incorporate therapy sessions during horse beach trails.

Equine-assisted psychotherapy offers a unique approach to working with addiction and those with co-occurring conditions. A co-occurring condition, what is referred to as a dual diagnosis, describes someone who struggles with addiction in addition to having another mental health condition. This is quite common for those with substance abuse and addiction challenges, as the additional concerns can include a variety of things, such as anxiety, depression, OCD, or PTSD. The Freedom Model approach allows each patient to determine the frequency of these sessions and are not held to any attendance demands.

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Freedom Model - Non 12 Step Program


The Freedom Model’s Non-12 Step Approach focuses on empowering you to change behaviors and solve lifelong self-defeating habits such as drug and alcohol use. Originally developed by a Non-Profit Addiction Research Agency in the United States, The Freedom Model has been adopted and perfected by The Poseidon Method in order to provide the most boutique luxury treatment center in Europe. But it is how we go about our approach to this challenge that makes The Freedom Model so unique. We debunk all the addiction and recovery myths that mislead individuals to believe they are powerless and in need of perpetual recovery.

By directly addressing the addiction and recovery myths, you can simply move past addiction, move past the medical disease diagnosis of addiction and the common 12 step identifying labels such as being an Alcoholic or Addict. Simultaneously, by building your self-confidence to handle old challenges and new stressors you may encounter The Poseidon Method provides real life scenario reenactments in order to prevent relapse upon program completion. In addition, the social aspects of your experience here will provide you with the confidence and necessary life skills to return home and build a more fulfilling life. The Poseidon Method is not just a treatment program; it’s a proven cure and provides long term results.

  • You will NEVER be labeled as an addict or alcoholic. You will be treated with the utmost dignity and respect.
  • You will NEVER be taught that you have a disease and are powerless.
  • You will NEVER be requested to attend 12 step meetings