Alcohol is a psychoactive substance which is highly addictive and can result in psychological and physical dependency.
While alcohol is a favorite feature of many traditions and cultures, its consumption has been linked to many health challenges and death.

A complex brain disorder

Alcohol is a psychoactive substance which is highly addictive and can result in psychological and physical dependency. While alcohol is a favorite feature of many traditions and cultures, its consumption has been linked to many health challenges and death.

Treating Alcoholism – How to recover from problem drinking

This involves drawing out unique treatment strategies for individual clients to address the specific causes of their alcoholism. Our treatment facility is located in a serene and comfortable environment where our team of specialists uses the best scientifically proven treatment methods to diagnose and treat alcoholism. All our clients receive individual treatments to ensure that the underlying issues are determined in the shortest possible time.

Alcoholism is a progressive disorder

People react in different ways to alcohol. In some people, consumption of alcohol produces no noticeable effects, while it creates adverse effects on the physical and mental health of others. Alcohol is a psychoactive substance which can disrupt the biochemistry of the brain and neurotransmitters because it produces a depressant effect on the central nervous system. This depressant effect can lead to behavioral and emotional changes in a person under the influence of alcohol. If allowed to grow, people who indulge in the consumption of alcohol can quickly become physically dependent and psychologically addicted to the substance.

Early treatment of alcoholism is critically important, as it is a progressive illness that quickly becomes worse and can lead to a lot of pains for the addicted and people close to them.

Effects of Alcohol Abuse

Alcoholism defies a strong will or mental discipline as it incapacitates its victim’s power of restraint, and they will never be able to drink responsibly.

There is a widespread misconception that alcoholism affects only people with poor function or weaklings, but this can’t be further from the truth. According to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, an estimated 7.2 percent of adults suffer from alcohol abuse disorder. Alcoholism is a chronic disease which can result from factors such as lifestyle, psychological, genetic, and physical circumstances. It can afflict anybody irrespective of their social, racial, religious or moral standing.

The World Health Organization states that globally, alcohol is a leading cause of physical harm and diseases, and contributes to about six percent of deaths worldwide. Alcohol consumption has been identified as a risk factor in many health issues such as cancer, cardiovascular diseases, liver cirrhosis, and psychological disorders such as anxiety and depression.

Seeking help is the first beginning of your journey to long-lasting recovery.

If you are battling alcohol-related problems, a successful recovery program will need you to reach out for professional assistance. It is your first step to making the desired lifestyle changes that will bring about full sobriety and more fulfilling life.

Extensive mental and physical damage can be curtailed if alcoholism is treated at the early stages. Our facility is in a safe and luxurious surrounding with highly experienced specialists to provide your care and support for a successful recovery process.

Alcohol withdrawal should be carefully monitored by qualified medical professionals, as it can have severe consequences if tried individually. Are you, or a loved one suffering from an alcohol problem? You can talk to us about our Alcoholism Self-Assessment Test.

Treatment Costs

Our treatment costs vary according to the requirements of each client, but typically, the cost of our treatment programs range from 25,000-35000 Euros per month for the best care and support available in Greece. We do not work with insurance companies. All Payments are made directly by the client because

US health insurance companies do not provide cover for the services of Luxury “Rehab VIP Centers” abroad, although we can estimate quotations when it is required for your insurance company evaluation. For our Greece-based clients, they already have a mandatory health insurance, and their payments can be serviced by their health insurance in line with the provisions of the Law on Health Insurance.

The fee charges include the following: A comprehensive medical examination from any of our affiliates clinics and/or hospitals, initial detoxification program at one of our affiliated medical clinics including accommodation, medications if needed, doctors and nurses, local transportation, food and beverage (alcohol prohibited). Educational rehabilitation programs including exclusive residential accommodation (see our website) and field trips, educational rehabilitation programs on the following subjects: Nutrition, Physical activity, Psychiatry, Psychology, Philosophy and filed trips. Additional payment is required for extended medical care and medicine or rehabilitation educational programs. Note that the fees do not include your airfare.

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