Odysseus Varotsis

Phyiscal Therapy

Odysseus developed his passion for sports and exercise while growing up locally in Athens Greece and participating in many team sports. Odysseus received his Bachelors degree from Plymouth University in Physiotherapy and Exercise Science in 2014.

He then went on to receive his Certification for Personal Training by the International Sport Society of America (ISSA) in 2016. After graduating he began his own private physical therapy clinic which was an outpatient provider in Athens Greece . There he gained experience working with many different patient populations. Geriatrics, everyday weekend warrior athletes, high school, college, and professional athletes were among the patients he treated back to health.

Odysseus has continued his education by taking courses in Mindfullness Holistic Medicine, Lymphedema Treatment, and is a certified Wim Hof Method Practitoner. His treatment philosophy is combining appropriate manual therapy techniques with active therapy, core strength, spinal stabilization, and maintaining an active lifestyle. Odysseus is also the director of our Cryotherapy program which is largely influenced from his Wim Hof program incorporating mindfulness, body freezing, and breathing techniques.

When Odysseys is away from The Poseidon Method his interests include spending time with family, fishing, boating, exercise and running, and watching local sports teams. Odysseys enjoys participating in 5Ks and Endurance runs for charity.

“Being Strong, Healthy and Happy is not a privilege for the few but it is a Birthright for everybody. Through the medical support of our team, fitness training, mindfulness meditation and the revolutionary approach of the Wim Hof Method you’ll be able to defeat the urges of your addiction and become the best version of your self.” – Odysseus Varotsis