The Best in Europe luxury drug and alcohol rehabilitation center with pricing.

the best treatment centers serving Europe.

For American, European, Middle East and other program.

The European Practice provides clients with fantastic program , astonishing views and personalized treatment.

Initial patient assessments are being done digitally to allow clients to be on a waiting list for when travel restrictions are lifted.

Professional and bespoke 1-on-1 care in the most luxurious of environments. We care about you and your family. Discreetly and with the highest standards of privacy.

We believe the best way to treat the majority of psychological and dependency disorders is to look beyond mere symptoms and identify the root causes of a problem. Thus, a well-founded diagnosis is the cornerstone of our programme— to successfully achieve the ultimate goal of a lasting recovery.

We step outside the boundaries of simple mental health services in order to provide the most comprehensive, exquisite and empathetic care in the world. Our state of the art facilities and luxurious residences on the shores of Mykonos Island and Athens Greece accommodate patients from the UK, France, Germany, Zurich will allow you to regain your inner peace and harmony in complete privacy, safe from the hardships of daily life.

We make use of a wide variety of different therapy methods to help our clients overcome their conditions. Whether it’s a high-tech approach like transcranial magnetic stimulation, or biomolecular restoration of a client’s organism as a whole, or the practice of meditation and mindfulness, our experts will always select the most appropriate techniques, focusing primarily on yourself, your troubles and their underlying causes.

We are the world’s leading provider of high quality clinical care for international clients who require the very best psychological and dependency treatment services. We provide every client with Mykonos Island and Athens Greece 5-star  standards of luxury, always in strictest confidence.